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NUL aucun éclairage reel


performant et lumineux

Not working anymore but very good app

To all complaining people ! Please do not charge, but support this developper for delivering freely this very good app and read the comment and stay patient untill the next release !

Last update

Would you be so kind as to make another update for Os 3.1.3 as the last one messed up the whole app... I must say it worked very well ... Before thé last update :-(( Many thanks in advance.

Weak light

Didnt turned the brightness to MAX, its only a simple white screen.

Flash light

Vi o software funcionar no iPhone 4 mas no 4 s não funcionou.


Crashes with 3.1.3 !

Best free flashlight

Best free flashlight

Another update?why?

Since i have this app it updated a lot... It s not a gps, it s a flashlight. If u update it once more, i ll pick another flashlight... I dont want more ads and i am not confident anymore in this app

Couldnt even use it

Did nothing but crash in short, FIX IT!

Newest version does not load on my old iPod

I really liked this app but it does not load any more. Just the startup screen and then closes. :-(

Broken update

Screen get full brightness when app is open. Good if you dont have a led light on your phone. But the problem is when u close the app your screen is stuck at 100% brightness. It does not go back to the settings you have it on. Fix plz

Over complicated

If your device has a led, the app should use that and only that. If your device doesnt, the app should brighten your screen to 100% automatically, and back to what you set it when you leave the app. This app does none of the above.

Screen bright on exit

Good app if it were now for the screen brightness staying super bright after quitting app.

Great App, Terrible Update

This was a fantastic iPhone flashlight app. Strobe, SOS, screen flashlight and the ability to use the LED camera flash as a flashlight. Sadly, the recent update has made me to write up a review and rank it two stars. Im not quite sure why it was necessary to change the iPhones brightness screen. If the user wanted a brighter screen for the flashlight, they can adjust it themselves in the iOS "Settings". Hopefully the developer will remove the "screen brightness" feature or fix the bug itself. Unnecessary update that I wished I hadnt installed.

Good App

For someone that dont need many options very good choose

Screen automatically goes to full brightness

This is the best flashlight app. It actually maxes out your brightness automatically when you launch it. On 1st launch it was a crazy bright white screen... And no ads, perfect! To return brightness to the way you usually have it set. Just lock your iPod and then swipe to start your next task. Not sure why pole are annoyed with the app. There are no ads, and it automatically makes your screen max brightness. Works great.

Terrible app.

Crashes to a white screen when i start please fix

Nice flashlight

Yup its all good my gurl

Flashlight app

Very poorly written, overly complicated.

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